Ranking Girls by Appearance

Objavljeno 13. nov. 2020
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  • Gillar din musche

  • The blonde girl’s whole demeanor changed when she went from first to third

  • Do you see frozen you know kristen bell lol

  • My rankings are the blonde girl, brown girl, black girl, Asian girl, and the fat girl

  • They all not attractive compare to 2D girls

    • You're watching them on a screen so they're technically 2D as well.

  • Hey pewds hows doggi?

  • 6:33

  • I’m sorry to say this but the black girl and the chubby girl were definitely going to be ranked last because they’re black and chubby but imo the black girl wasn’t pretty to begin with and the blonde girl was the white version of the black girl.The orange girl should’ve been Lower for the sole fact she’s orange and looks like Charli d amelio who I find very unattractive and the chubby girl is definitely 3 and not a 5 the Asian would still be one but blondie is like a 4

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  • No hate towards fat ppl but like. They ranked her high cuz they were feeling bad I think

  • The blonde girl looked like a combination of Ellen and gabbie Hanna lmao

    • She had the body of Gwendoline Christie and the face of Vladimir Putin.

  • society: looks doesn't matter, we need to stop judging everyone based on their appearance! also society: *rAnKiNg GiRlS bY aPpEArancE*

  • it’s a lot easier if you just rate it based on looks

  • if they were ranking by personality the blonde should been 5, she is too stuck on herself

  • Props to the guys for getting the ranking 100% correct

  • I think the women just over thought about it wayyyy to much.

  • As a women I’d definitely rank Michelle first period

  • It’s so ironic how the girls ranked Michelle the least attractive and as soon as the guys came in they ranked her up to most attractive lmao. I’m with the boys on this one. Michelle and Maria are definitely the cutest.

  • Michelle was so nice and actually physically attractive. Such a cute girl with the best personality of the rest of the girls imo.

  • Bro one of the girls said "I felt like they mostly ranked us of looks and not personalitys " the fuck

  • How the hell can they go on about racial stereotypes when the guys literally rated an asian chick first?

  • Is everyone actually blind/insane?? the black chick was clearly the best looking out of them all. I mean fuck me just look at that body. You're all nuts

  • I don't know anything about the blonde girl so I'm not gonna talk about her but everyone else's personality to me was good.

  • Cool keep up the good work!

  • What do we know since the start of the video: Jordan is the less acctractive She's thicc, but, no

  • They really said no fats no blacks

  • all girls are a lil gay

  • Labs Labs

  • I have watch this video at least 20 times back to back 😂

  • I enjoyed this so I put thumb up. Would I enjoyed it if he wasn't rich and famous, sure bro it was fun to watch

  • Look at that line tho', it's not that black, but not that gray, it's above everyone else, it has numbers on it, there are some texts too, im amazed by its looks. But i know it has bad personality, so i will put it 5.

  • Hey hey... looks... by looks... not personality...

  • I’m so confused kaylynn ate up everyone✨✨ in my opinion

  • me: its just society that makes it look- Pweds: SOCIETY I have never been more mind blown.

  • as a man, i 100% agree with the men's ranking lol

  • Maria is the prettiest, then Michelle

  • The greeks found the perfect body????? The hell he get that from because no. Just no

    • I think it was a joke that greeks thought they found perfect body

  • He should do a policeman cosplay lol The mustache breathes police

  • i hope pewds gonna livestream cyberpunk 2077

  • The Asian girl was still right though. Her race did play a lot into her being placed first. Dating data shows that Asian women are considered the most sought-after racial group of women and the main reason behind that is because men in the United States generally think of Asian women to be more submissive and petite compared to White black and Latina women And I think PewDiePie kind of proved the girls point in the video. Why do you think the other girls have a better face... Because no other girl there has features similar to the black girl. Beauty standards in the United States are eurocentric. Meaning that this black girl that has a wider nose and thicker lips may not be at the tractor as a face compared to the white girl in the middle who has a thin nose and small lips. It's still those ideas of beauty standards

  • 11:32 I thought he was wearing high heels 💀i-

  • Jesus this hurts too watch because how much each person doesn’t want to hurt each other feelings.

  • the blonde girl would’ve definitely be 5 for me i don’t know why she thought she needed to put herself in 1 lol

  • Just bought a Star Wars one

  • Honestly i dont have a thing for black girls or anything but imo she was definitely the most gorgeous

  • Why the hell did they put the black lady so low on the rankings? I don’t really feel attractived to black women but atleast put her at 2

  • Wait so, I think I look crap among ladies so to guys im attractive?? Omymymy 😂


  • Kaylynn deserved 3 but thats about all I would fix

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  • I am rooting for michelle damn she's cute

  • bruh the girl that was put in the 5 was the most attractive one

  • It's funny in all the reaction videos pewds is fatphobic

  • 11:34 looks like he's wearing high heels

  • I would never do this... The guy saying personality got me dying. 🤣 But ladies why are we still doing the flash eyelashes....

  • i immediately thought the blonde girl was gorgeous but her personality aint it

  • Asian girl: I was armed with "racism" as self defence but since I won, there's no racism Black girl: I was armed with "racism" as self defence

  • Number 3 and 4 should switch then switch that with 1

  • 4:39

  • “Her ideas on her race completely holding her back were in her head “ well shiiiiit pewds solid quote

  • it pisses me off that the biggest girl was put last, because it's obvious that that's why she was put last. she was so cute, she had such a beautiful smile, and the way she holds herself and presents herself is so pure and honestly just adorable. to me she'd be 1 or 2, and i'd rank myself at like 97 but that's not very relevant just wanted to throw that out there

  • The others ones have a ‘better face’ Because that’s what Eurocentric beauty standards ARE LOL.

  • He looks like an old nyc dirty cop with that mustache

  • Its easy to take 5 when you know you're definitely not

  • I thought the Black woman was the prettiest

  • This is so cringy ughhhh Poor Pewds who has to react to this🤣

  • Pewds brain is the spongebob everything is on fire meme

  • “race holding her back was completely in her head” I don’t think that’s the case for a lot of people..? idk this comment just doesn’t sit right with me..

    • It doesnt sit right with me either , it gave me that "pull yourself up by the bootstraps " mentality vibe if you know what i mean , like completely ignoring systemic issues and putting the blame completely on individuals type deal , idk if thats your issue with it but this is my issue with that statement

  • God damn it that was so awkward, I can´t even imagine being there

  • 6:20 I said “Pewds don’t do it”

  • It's wut they say, the last ones are gonna be the first one, I guess that's what my teacher would say

  • I think race can be why you're deemed as unattractive. But not because your skin is darker, just in general beauty standards make typical Caucasian features seem better? Tiny nose, big eyes. And we find a big nose, big lips ugly. That's what I think, what's your opinion?

  • I see a lot of people clowning them for adding personality into the mix, but to be fair, the original video is “ranking girls by attractiveness,” not appearance.

  • I’d take Jordan love me some juicy woman

  • I always find asian girls pretty

  • honey, it has nothing to do with your color. if Naomi Campbell were there, she would no doubt be first. it's just your face. stop making it a race thing. I found the Asian girl to be the prettiest, too.

  • Your rating was perfect 💀

  • I feel really bad for Jordan, in my personal opinion she was the second most attractive. She's really cute. I feel like something like this would crush my confidence if I was put with other girls.

  • He looks like a fascist with the moustache

  • I think the men rated mostly by facial structure like the girls were making excuses, but the top girl was by far the prettiest imo

  • I mean they are all pretty good looking

  • I'm sorry to the black girl but as a guy myself who has dated many black girls and find them beautiful... it's not your skin color. Your face looks like the moon from Majora's Mask.

  • Let's be real here, a HUGE factor in appearance is how you present yourself too. I think the blond girl had a different style and makeup she would be placed higher, and if the chubby girl lost a bunch of weight she wouldn't be last either.

  • i relate to michelle SO much

  • #5 in the beginning was the prettiest to me lol.

  • coming from a girl who likes girls 1. asian girl 2. maria 3. black girl 4. fat girl 5. blonde girl

  • tbh the black girl is the most beautiful black girl from those 5 girls thats it i ended racism

  • This is interesting, but kinda dumb. I think if the men all did it individually they'd come to different conclusions because everyone has different preferences nowadays, but maybe they were judging more on stereotypical beauty because they had to make a collective decision and this seemed like the most obvious system. I don't know though, I just came to the conclusion that it's ridiculous to judge someone purely on their appearance anyway, and this is literally just five guys- they represent a tiny portion of heterosexual men

  • Did anyone else notice that Anthony was wearing heels 😂

  • Lmfao he looks like skinny captain america with his mustache

  • BRUH they just dont wanna offend eachother lmfao

  • the black girl was the most attractive

  • i think michelle wanted to make the other girls feel good. she’s like cinderella

  • All the girls are constantly trying not to make eachother feel bad.... it’s both pitiful and wonderful. 😐

  • Maria, Michelle, Kaylynn, scrap the other 2.

  • Sad how the Asian girl has been conditioned to think that America is racist.

  • Anyone know the blonde girl's TikTok?

  • their physical lackings by finding ways to be more complex.

  • started from the bottom now we here

  • i just bought 13 of the displates thanks felix 😊